The beautiful lotus grows in mud. Life can be amazing even wih the hardest of beginings and struggles!

Lets help the needy of he world

December 2016 Scholarships in Sri Lanka

Hello, I am Dr.Nishanie. I am a Dental Surgeon specialising in nervous patients and creating wonderful smiles. 

My colleagues and I are dedicated to help the needy of our world.

We use 10% of our revenue from the business as well as valued donations from our lovely customers to use for our projects. All funds are used for the worthy cause. Our costs are covered by ourselves. 

Homeless people, children from disadvantaged families as well as people with disabilities are our main target groups.

As a business owner and a Dental Surgeon, I see people from all walks of life. My travels around the world has helped me to appreciate my life, and give back to people who need a hand to get up and live. 

We hope our drop in this mighty river of helping will cause a ripple. 

I suggest all to get involved within your community and or globally and become selfless. It is a noble trait.